Will the throttle valve be damaged by frequent cleaning? Should it be removed or washed on the car?

The frequency of throttle cleaning has a great relationship with the development of one’s own traffic and travel habits and the use of the network environment. Most cars can be cleaned after more than 20,000 kilometers, and a small number of cars must be cleaned after 10,000 kilometers. Nowadays, many cars in China are throttles of Chinese electronic components, and they are more sensitive to the reaction rate of carbon deposition. If there is too much carbon deposition, common problems will appear immediately. Analysis of the situation is mainly manifested in scientific research. For example, idling jitter, accelerator shaking, poor professional ability to accelerate adverse reactions, poor ignition, etc., and even cause some cars to turn on the fault warning light immediately, so there is carbon deposition and the common problem management plan situation constantly occurs. . Some people have said that there is no need to wash the throttle valve because it is necessary to clean it frequently. Is it true that it is only like that? Today, for everyone, let’s talk about some relevant data and information about cleaning the throttle valve.
It’s not a random problem with being able to wash off the throttle, it’s a real one. But it wasn’t bad then. It will take a while. Once the stop valve is broken during the festival, it must be disassembled, and the owner has just cleaned it recently, which is probably related to cleaning, so it is possible to clean it out. However, only a very small number of throttles are damaged, and most of them are not easy to be washed. The main reason for washing is unscientific application, coupled with the aging of the throttle.
Is it that bad too? It is a cleaning agent in which the internal structure of the throttle body penetrates, and the internal structure caused by the corrosion of the pcb circuit board. The closing and closing control of the opening degree of the throttle valve is a baffle, and the upper baffle has a shaft opening to the upper throttle body. The above throttle body shaft and the above contact part are most likely to be dirty, and cleaning is the most difficult. Therefore, many people here have used soap powder sprayers for a long time, sprayed a lot of cleaning agents, and then pure cotton towels. And the water absorption is stronger for the throttle cleaner, the sprayer is more likely to pass through the double seam along the shaft to the inside, the internal structure of the throttle body metal composite, causing damage to all throttles. In addition, if hard objects, such as screwdriver blades above carbon, the one-way throttle valve is easily scratched, resulting in damage to the one-way throttle valve. It is more common to have 2 operation processes, resulting in poor throttle.
To clean the throttle valve, it is best to spray the cleaning agent on the pure cotton towel, use the door to peel off the throttle valve partition, and then use the pure cotton towel to wipe it. You must also pay attention to the maintenance strength. It is possible to spray the cleaning agent on the throttle valve immediately, but it should be noted that it is best not to spray too much on the root of the rotating shaft, and a small amount of cleaning agent is not harmful. However, the throttle valve is bad. In fact, China has a lot to do with the aging of the enterprise itself. The airtightness of the new throttle valve is of high quality. Even if a lot of cleaning agent is sprayed, it cannot effectively penetrate into the students. It seems that there are also many important prefabricated components of scientific research plastics in a car. They were originally used carefully, but they were damaged in the last disassembly and assembly work. In addition, teachers must pay special attention to the selection of cleaning agents. The best method is to use some special one-way throttle valve cleaning agents. Other cleaning agents that are highly corrosive to social and economic development cannot be used, which will corrode the throttle valve.
Therefore, with proper cleaning agent and proper operation process, the above one-way throttle valve will not be easy to be washed and damaged, and the unscientific operation process is very likely to be damaged. Finally, talk, what exactly should be removed for cleaning or cleaning above? It is easier to remove and clean, and it is easier to clean. It is necessary to clean the throttle to establish the degree of dirtiness of the throttle and the multi-dimensionality of the throttle accuracy. If the throttle is easily removed, then move on to cleaning. If the location is not good, it is not easy to remove, and it is not very dirty, it is in a car beauty shop. If it takes time to clean in the repair department, it is best to remove it and wash it, and it will be cleaned.

Post time: Apr-30-2022