What are the symptoms of a dirty throttle? Symptoms of a dirty throttle

For driving friends, be sure to master certain methods of eliminating car failures, because sometimes when the car breaks down, we can’t just find the repair department or the vehicle 4S shop, and then everyone must check by themselves, so in the car failure, The characteristics of the dirty throttle make everyone look at it.
What are the specific manifestations of a dirty car throttle?
The role of the car throttle.
Control the air intake and air supply according to the vehicle engine load.
Generally speaking, the ignition advance angle of the automobile engine is basically based on the amount of air supply and gas supply. The more air supply and supply volume, the more ignition advance angle. The throttle valve of the car is to control the amount of air supply and supply, that is, the ignition advance angle is intermittently controlled. People usually give fuel to control the opening angle of the car’s throttle.
Dirty car throttle.
The automobile throttle valve is a controllable shut-off valve that adjusts the entry of gas into the automobile engine. The car throttle is one of the most important parts of the car engine system. Above it is the air filter and below it is the engine oil pan, the throat of the diesel engine. Therefore, if the throttle valve of the car is dirty, the car engine will find an abnormality. The condition of a dirty car throttle in a car engine is shown as follows:
1. When the car gas tank, it will feel the throttle stuck and thick. The car accelerates slowly. When the oil is supplied quickly, the speed rises slowly and the performance is slow. When the throttle is released, the speed decreases immediately.
2. If the throttle valve of the car is dirty, it will directly affect the accuracy and smoothness of the air intake of the car engine. One of the most notable problems is that it may shake or even stall when waiting, and the accelerator pedal will not accelerate smoothly.
What is the cause of a dirty car throttle?
1. Mainly due to the geographical environment of the car, the filter element of the air intake is not well filtered, and the surrounding environment is relatively dusty.
2. The type of lubricating oil is not good, and the water surface evaporates greatly.
3. Caused by lubricating oil vapor and sediment in crankcase ventilation.
4. After the engine is turned off, the throttle valve of the car should not be too tight, and some dust will be inhaled, which will accumulate over time.
How to judge whether the throttle valve of the car is dirty to the level to be cleared.
1. The most notable feature of a very dirty car throttle is the unstable acceleration, and most car buyers can feel this common problem at the same time.
2. There is also a simple trick to identify whether the car throttle must be cleared. All four strokes will startle 3000 rpm in neutral and then suddenly shut off the oil when the car’s engine is out of phase. At this time, pay attention to the speedometer needle. (Note that this applies to the absolute number of four-stroke cars. Different electronic accelerator cars are easy to distinguish the number of cable accelerators, tending to the second point)
(1). When the pointer rapidly reduces to 1000-1200 rpm, there is an abnormal noise, and the pointer will suddenly decrease to 800 rpm and wait for the speed to stabilize. At this time, the throttle valve of the car is completely normal.
(2). When the needle quickly decreases to 800 rpm to stabilize the car when the throttle valve is slightly dirty but still needs to be cleared, it is mostly normal.
(3). When the pointer quickly decreases to 800 rpm or even 700 rpm, then slowly rises to 800 rpm, and when the speed follows, the dirt on the throttle valve of the car is serious and must be removed immediately.
How often does the car throttle clear?
If there is no abnormal phenomenon such as shaking the car, there is no need to clear it. Generally, the cleaning cycle of the throttle valve of a car is about 20,000 to 30,000 kilometers.
However, it must also be established according to different vehicle conditions and driving methods. If the traffic conditions are not good during use, or you often drive in low gears, you must disassemble it in advance.
car throttle. If the fuel injector is very dirty, it will cause fatigue in acceleration, loud noise, fuel consumption, and car jitter. Therefore, be sure to clear it on time, usually after the throttle valve and fuel injector of the car are cleaned. Because the main oil passage is smoother than before, it will temporarily feel that it is used to compare the fuel consumption. This is also the safe and civilized driving computer to adjust according to the feedback of the data signal, and then gradually repair to the same fuel consumption as before. Therefore, if the gasoline cylinders and fuel injectors are frequently removed, it is easy to cause excessive fuel consumption and constant idling jitter, so there is no need to remove abnormal phenomena such as vehicle shaking.
In fact, the time period or kilometers required for both types of clearing. Generally speaking, the throttle. The cleaning cycle of the nozzle is about 20,000 to 30,000 kilometers, but it is also based on different vehicle conditions and driving subconsciousness. If the traffic conditions are not good, or you often drive in low gears, be sure to remove it in advance.
Reasons for punctual throttle cleaning.
From the above, we can grasp whether the acceleration of the car is flexible, which has a lot to do with the cleanliness level of the electronic accelerator. During the operation of the EFI engine, a small part of the industrial exhaust gas generated by the pilot ignition in the cylinder will cause carbon deposition at the throttle body according to the intake valve and the intake port. In addition, after the vapor is based on the air filter (especially the long-term selected air filter), there will be residues in the throttle valve of the car. After long-term deposition of this kind of dirt, it will cause dirt on the throttle body, which will lead to common problems such as friction expansion of the main switch of the throttle power supply of the automobile and unstable idle speed of the engine. The throttle valve of the automobile should be removed on time.
At present, the vast majority of cars are electronic accelerators, that is to say, the car’s throttle is given to the speeding air intake from a small angle. This part of the air inlet is given by the small gap between the porous structure plate and the pipe. Dirt in this location will suffer. If there is too much carbon deposition, it will block part of the air intake gap. In order to better maintain the normal waiting speed, although the car engine will further learn to increase the opening of the car’s throttle, the fuel consumption will increase after the opening of the car’s throttle is enlarged.
How to clean the throttle valve.
1. Loosen the metal clamping screws of the air filter element and the throttle body with a Chinese character screwdriver, and extract the air filter warning cover and the throttle body.
2. The removal of the electronic throttle is best operated by two people. One is responsible for oiling, the other for cleaning. Spray carburetor cleaner on a clean rag, then carefully wash with a cotton towel.
3. After cleaning, check whether the throttle valve of the car is clean and tidy, and whether it can be opened and closed at will. Next, connect the air filter element and the throttle body to each other to ensure the airtightness immediately, and fasten the screws of the metal material buckle. If the sensor connector has been removed, plug it in again.
4. Note that there is no need to remove the throttle valve for cleaning, as it is easy to damage the basic concept of the internal structure of the automobile throttle valve.
Things to pay attention to when cleaning the throttle valve.
1. The automatic transmission does not need to pull out the plug of the sensor power cord for the throttle position of the car. It is on the throttle body. Otherwise, be sure to use the experimental instrument to re-calibrate the position of the accelerator pedal.
2. Be careful not to spray the carburetor cleaner on the air filter airtight silicone ring of the throttle body. It will corrode the silicone ring and damage the sealing characteristics. When cleaning the throttle valve, it is not necessary to spray the carburetor cleaning agent into the throttle valve of the automobile immediately to prevent the wire hose from falling into the engine of the automobile. The appropriate method is to spray the carburetor cleaner on the cleaning rag, and then carefully wash it with a cotton towel, preferably without touching the skin.

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