What are the effects of a throttle failure? How to disassemble and clean?

What are the adverse effects of common failures of the throttle valve?
Throttle valve does not work:
◆The idling speed of the engine is unstable, the high standby speed is continuously reduced, and the starting of the car engine is difficult, especially when it is started.
◆The engine idle speed is unstable or has no waiting speed.
◆It is difficult to start the car engine.
◆The driving force of the car engine is abundant, the acceleration function is poor, and the operation is unstable.
The key issues have the following dimensions:
①The throttle valve adheres to carbon deposits, and the throttle valve is closed too loosely.
②The throttle valve waiting for speed safety channel is blocked. At speed, the gas inlet is not enough.
③ The contact point of the throttle position sensor is not good, and there is no full load.
④ The contact point of the throttle position sensor is poor or the throttle body is damaged, and the data signal of the throttle valve position is wrong.
The above two conditions of ①② can be dealt with by cleaning the throttle valve; ③④ According to the fault detection instrument, the throttle valve can be replaced according to the inspection status of the fault diagnostic instrument.
How to disassemble and clean the throttle valve?
The first to master the throttle control module, the accelerator pedal power circuit (the picture below)
Throttle body disassembly and cleaning:
①Before cleaning, it is best to remove the throttle position sensor on the throttle body to prevent the cleaning agent from damaging the throttle position sensor.
②When cleaning, the key is to clean the throttle body cavity, throttle valve, throttle shaft and other positions until there are no stains. After cleaning, continuously drive the actual operation of the throttle valve to check whether the power switch of the throttle valve is random. In addition, clean the connection surface between the intake system and the throttle body, and remove the sealing ring before cleaning to avoid corrosion.
③ If the sensor on the throttle valve has been removed, assemble it on the throttle body first.
It is important to note that the mounting marking on the sensor should match the marking on the throttle body. Align the sealant ring on the intake and install the throttle body on the intake. The tightening torque for tightening the anchor bolts is 5n·m. The four fixed anchor bolts of the throttle valve (arrow symbols), (everyone) the disassembly and cleaning of the throttle valve are shown in the figure below.
Remove and install the throttle valve anchor bolt ▲.
Note: When cleaning the throttle, the electronics cover must be up. to prevent damage to components.

Post time: Mar-23-2022