How to clean the throttle

Maintenance masters usually find out that in the whole process of daily application, the vehicle must clean the throttle valve every 20,000-30,000 kilometers to eliminate the above carbon deposits.
So what kind of problems will carbon deposits on the throttle one day cause?
Here, I post my own opinion.
The above situation is because when the throttle valve is suddenly closed in the open state, the thick carbon deposits will block the air intake of the car engine, resulting in abnormality.
I’ve read about clearing the throttle for the sake of it. Let us learn and train how to clear the throttle.
Prepare raw materials in advance before cleaning the throttle. There are: rubber gloves, thread gloves, throttle cleaning fluid, clean cloth, special tools for throttle removal, soft brush, etc.
Take Beijing Hyundai ix35 as an example to show the cleaning steps of the throttle valve:
Begin by removing the electronics throttle body with a special tool. After the throttle valve is removed, the air intake should be maintained to prevent impurities from entering the car engine.
Note: If you do not remove the throttle body instead of cleaning it in the car, be sure to unplug the throttle body power plug to prevent damage to the car engine electronic control system when the throttle motor is plugged in.
Spray the cleaning solution on a rag, then scrub off the carbon deposits on the throttle. If the carbon deposit is not easy to solve, it can be gently cleaned with a soft brush. Be sure to clear the carbon deposits on the throttle.
Install the throttle in the reverse order of removal. During the whole process here, special attention should be paid to maintaining the throttle valve to prevent impurities from entering the throttle valve.
Note: When installing the throttle valve, don’t forget the gasket between the throttle valve and the intake system, otherwise it will leak steam.

Post time: Apr-11-2022